Handling money wisely is best talked about as a family before kids grow up and leave the home. These short lessons plant seeds, promote discussion and help parents establish important principles.

1-Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Money
If money is so important, how come families don’t talk about it? Tips and tricks on helping family members talk about this important subject.

2-The Many Faces of Money
This lesson explores the different emotions people have about money and how they affect families.

3-Too Much, Too Little
Good stories about the difference between having too much and too little—and how to live a life of real prosperity.

Lessons and stories on avoiding excessive debt.

5-Debt and Leverage
How balancing what you own with what you owe is part of growing up.

6-Calculated Risk
Sometimes God challenges us to face our fears. Calculating the risk needed is a great family topic.

7-Needs vs. Wants
A great lesson and story to help families navigate all the buying decisions they make.

Explore the downside of borrowing money and how to measure it.

9-Compound Interest
Learn the benefits of saving money and how it multiplies prosperity.

Money has a power that can only be controlled through generosity.

11-Profit and Loss
A quick introduction to how businesses work.

It’s never too soon to discuss the wisdom of saving for old age.

Each lesson takes about 10 minutes. We intentionally use audio stories because they stimulate thought and discussion better than any other format. Some families listen together in their homes or cars and some parents listen one-on-one with a child. Use the method that works best for your family.